Tutor Room Schedule (Smith 124)

Zoom/Online Instructions

With the University moving to online instruction only, our tutor room support will also move online.  

Click on one of the links below to log in to Zoom and interact with one of the tutors on duty.  If the tutor schedule shows 1 TA on duty, only the first tutor link below will be staffed.  If there are 2 TAs on duty, two links will be staffed.  

Once you log in, if there are any students "in line" ahead of you, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room.  When your tutor is ready for you, you will be put in contact.  If there is a long line in the link you selected, try one of the other Zoom tutor links.

If one of the links is not staffed when it looks like it should be, please contact the Gen Chem Team at genchem@umn.edu right away.

Gen Chem Zoom Tutor 1

Gen Chem Zoom Tutor 2

Gen Chem Zoom Tutor 3

Gen Chem Zoom Tutor 4

9 - 10 AMJonathan Zajac, Partha S. KarmakarJuly Pham, Hyeokjung KimLinh Tran, Porhouy MinhRyan Anderson, Hannah AddisKris Elbein, Polly Lynch
10 - 11 AMJonathan Zajac, Partha S. KarmakarJuly PhamMaheemah Bokhoree, Gabby VandendriesRyan Anderson, Jianhao LiZahra Domin, Zinan Yu
11 AM - 12 PMMustafa Syed, Gabby Vandendries, Mustafa SyedJoe Brennan, Cecilia Douma, Jonathan ZajacZahra Domin, Porhouy MinhJoe Brennan, Polly LynchZahra Domin, Zinan Yu, Mustafa Syed
12 - 1 PMWill Alvarez-Reyes, Gabby VandendriesAkanksha Akanksha, Elizabeth ApicheWill Alvarez-Reyes, Porhouy MinhAkanksha Akanksha, Alejandro CastilloNic Brinza, Mustafa Syed
1 - 2 PMWill Alvarez-Reyes, Rong TangJuekun Wen, Elizabeth ApicheWill Alvarez-Reyes, Eli BromanCecilia Douma, Alejandro CastilloNic Brinza
2 - 3 PMEli Broman, Rong Tang, Shahar TsameretJuekun Wen, Elizabeth ApicheKuzie Madungwe, Eli Broman, Shahar TsameretCasey ChargingNic Brinza, MaKenna Koble
3 - 4 PMAli Arshad, Zinan Yu, Akanksha AkankshaMaKenna Koble, Hannah Addis, Kris ElbeinKuzie Madungwe, Lauren Feden, Shahar Tsameret, Jianhao LiCasey Charging, Bidisha SarkarEmily Palmer, Rupal Baliyan, Jiayue Hu
4 - 5 PMAli Arshad, Zinan Yu, Shahar TsameretMaKenna Koble, Victoria Tafuri, Kris ElbeinThibaut Martinon, Lauren FedenDavid Kemper, Bidisha SarkarEmily Palmer, Rupal Baliyan, Jiayue Hu
5 - 6 PMEaindra Yee, Hyeokjung KimMaheemah Bokhoree, Victoria TafuriThibaut Martinon, Lauren FedenDavid Kemper, Jianhao Li-----------------------
6 - 7 PMEaindra Yee, Hyeokjung KimLinh Tran, Partha S. KarmakarThibaut Martinon, Jianhao LiMaheemah Bokhoree, Rupal Baliyan-----------------------